Saturday, August 28, 2010

Musical Interlude

We're still pretty busy, but here's a Before the State Fair Musical Interlude for you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010


babywhumpus had another fever, but now he's better; I barfed this morning, and my sinus infection is getting worse.

It would be comical, if it didn't make me want to cry.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Many is One? (Or: The Great Zoo Mix-up)

Connoisseurs of early Sesame Street will recognize the tune. Some of the lyrics are mine:

"One, one, one, one; let's sing a song about One.
I'm fine with just One!"

daddywhumpus volunteered to help out the day care on Monday by driving to the horseback riding outing, so the two-year-olds could go along. He'd take babywhumpus and A- in our car, otherwise, there would not be room, what with the space their giant car seats take up. On Sunday evening, he got a call that horseback riding was postponed, and on Monday morning, he got a call saying that the zoo was the alternate trip, and would he still be able to go.

I was still in bed with the latest: a developing sinus infection. My teeth hurt. My head hurt. The general area of my nose and cheek hurt. I had decided to stay home from work. Then the zoo came up. I decided I wanted to go to the zoo with the kids, bleariness and pain notwithstanding.

Here in the Twin Cities, we have two zoos: The Minnesota Zoo and The Como Zoo.

You know what's coming, don't you?

The accepted terminology is that "The Zoo" equals "The Minnesota Zoo," and "The Como Zoo" is "The Como Zoo." The Minnesota Zoo has an entrance fee, the Como Zoo does not. It should have been obvious to me that the day care was going to the Como Zoo, but I made two assumptions. One was that Pete had asked, and the other was that if day care had meant "The Como Zoo," they would have said "The Como Zoo." Thus, even though the question "Does he mean the Como Zoo?" was lingering in my head, up until the time we pulled away from day care with the kids strapped in, I was on the event horizon between Benadryl and Sudafed, and I didn't say anything.

We got to The Zoo and loaded in. As we were sitting near the main entrance, Pete and I having extra coffee and the boys having some banana, we made the discovery, through a small series of phone calls, that we were visiting two different zoos together. The other day care kids were by the main entrance of the Como Zoo in Saint Paul, and we were by the main entrance of The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. These sites are twenty miles apart, so we elected to stay where we were and meet up back at day care at 1:00.


1. Watching Other People's Kids is nerve-wracking, and I think I took more care with A- than I do with babywhumpus.

2. It's not just that Finn is a boy, he's an active kid who doesn't listen as well as other kids, at least in this admittedly very small data sample. A- would sit still and also listened to us. Then again, when it came to walking, Finn was being clingy and wanted to be carried. He's also a follower, in some respects, who waits for A- to do stuff and then copies.

3. One. One is good. Two is one too many. To say I am too old for two is an accurate statement. By the time daddywhumpus dropped me off at home, I was barely able to climb into bed. We adopted a zone defense, even though we initially planned on a man-to-man. The zone worked out much better given the terrain.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


There was a pinata at a birthday party, and aside from someone's excellent form...

(He does NOT get that from me. That would be his Gran and his Daddy.)

There was chocolate...

The Pool

Just back from our first trip this summer to the pool (Hey, I know it's August, but last year, our first time was on the Last Day the Pool Was Open for the Season). Our St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department has some great choices, and we hit up the Highland Park Aquatic Center. They have a big pool, a diving pool, a wading pool, and something I think they all a "splash deck." The only problem we have with the place is that there is almost nowhere that there is no spraying or splashing water, and babywhumpus does not like to have water in his eyes. But, he's one kid out of thousands, so tough noogies for him.

He's asleep.

We got into the car at 5:12, and I predicted he would be asleep in two minutes. I was right. He slept through ice cream at the best ice cream joint in The Cities. He slept through getting back into and then out of the car seat. He slept through being transitioned into the crib. It will make for an interesting bedtime, but I am not waking a sleeping toddler.

Things I Learned at the Pool:

1. It is impossible to make a toddler not run. Toddlers run. They run and run and run. They do not walk.

2. A lot of people have tattoos, and most of those tattoos are stupid and/or ugly. At least at this pool.

3. People still tan, like, on purpose.

4. Pool time should be before afternoon nap.