Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Pool

Just back from our first trip this summer to the pool (Hey, I know it's August, but last year, our first time was on the Last Day the Pool Was Open for the Season). Our St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department has some great choices, and we hit up the Highland Park Aquatic Center. They have a big pool, a diving pool, a wading pool, and something I think they all a "splash deck." The only problem we have with the place is that there is almost nowhere that there is no spraying or splashing water, and babywhumpus does not like to have water in his eyes. But, he's one kid out of thousands, so tough noogies for him.

He's asleep.

We got into the car at 5:12, and I predicted he would be asleep in two minutes. I was right. He slept through ice cream at the best ice cream joint in The Cities. He slept through getting back into and then out of the car seat. He slept through being transitioned into the crib. It will make for an interesting bedtime, but I am not waking a sleeping toddler.

Things I Learned at the Pool:

1. It is impossible to make a toddler not run. Toddlers run. They run and run and run. They do not walk.

2. A lot of people have tattoos, and most of those tattoos are stupid and/or ugly. At least at this pool.

3. People still tan, like, on purpose.

4. Pool time should be before afternoon nap.

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