Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Note to self:

You do not need new shoes, new boots, new clothes. You can do without new towels. You don't need the 3rd season of Big Bang Theory, the latest 30 Rock, or Medium. Take all that money and just put it in savings toward the new patio, windows, and house painting so you don't owe Wells Fargo anything and don't pay them too much interest because they suck. You have plenty of nice things, and plenty of things to get rid of anyway, so nothing new and personal needs to enter your life. Don't look at shoes online. Don't look at new releases. Just stop it.

Put it in savings. Now.



Anonymous said...

ummm...unless the "YOU NEED IT NOOOOOOW" monster says OLIVA NEWTON-JOHN is back on the road or MADONNA needs you to help feed her starve'n children by purchase'n her newly released cd...but THAT'S IT :)


Kate said... don't want any more Zappos links then? ;-)