Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cute reminder

The Boy was up about every half an hour all through the night last night due to a new cold, teething, and/or demon possession. We're not sure which, and the test for demon possession is remarkably unreliable, so we will probably never know. It's been a long time since he has done that, but it does not make me feel (or look) any better this fine, wintery morning.

I have bundled the boys off to daycare and work, and I am getting myself together here at home.

I feel that I need to remind myself that this boy is adorable and a true joy to our lives, so that I don't exercise my circus option. Here's my new hat, off the needles, woven in, and ready for my head, modeled very stylishly by my remarkably alert son. I give you, the side-slip cloche:


Anonymous said...

great Holly Hobby hat...only thing Finn's miss'n now is the full length dress with a dust ruffel...
no worries...i'm on top of it :)


Lisa said...

I think you and Finn are on the same cold cycle as Silas and I. We barely finish one before the next one hits. I used to have a fully functioning immune system.