Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diaper Report

We went through 27 G-Diapers and 21 Pampers-type diapers in about six days. So that's $12.99 for 27 Huggies (or whatever; and what's with the odd-numbered diaper packaging?) and $13.79 for 32 G-Diapers. 48 cents for a Pamper and 43 cents for a G makes for $11.61 on the G's and $10.08 for the P's. At 8 diapers a day, that's $3.62 per day. 2,920 diapers a year at $1321.30. Off hand, I know that we spent $444.75 on all-in-ones for day care. I would have to add up all his other diaper expenses to compare in full. We have not had to buy pre-folds for months and months; he's been in the same size for quite awhile. I had to buy some larger covers for night-time because I've been using his preemie pre-folds as doublers, but his medium covers still fit ok for day-time use.

All in all, it doesn't really matter; it's just interesting data. I'll still use the cloth because I prefer them. A week of disposables definitely proved that to me.

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