Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family Portraits

Yeah, that picture yesterday? I mainly posted that as a little balm to my bitchy Friday post. Really, things are pretty OK, but sometimes it's better to spew a little venom into the ether instead of at your husband, son, or animals. Even when they barf on your rug. (Cat, not husband)

I had a photographer come to the house on Monday evening because we have no family portraits since this one, really:

And it's a little out of date.

Plus, I am rarely in photos of Finn because I am taking the photos of Finn. From the looks of our album, I never spend time with him. Which is totally true, but no one needs to KNOW that.

I found our photographer through a newsletter from a women's shelter.  She had come by to offer her services for free, so the families there could have some portraits done. How excellent is that? I checked out her website and wrote to her. For a very reasonable fee, she came to our house with her equipment and followed us around. It was simple and fun. Pete still had time to get to rehearsal, and Finn got to show off for a new person as well as flex his "Smile for the camera" muscles. He's a ham.

She put up a few photos on her blog, so I'll send you there to look at them if you want to. Her name is Crystal Leipa, and she's going into this business full-time starting soon, which is brave and exciting.

(We hope to have Mattress come by sometime and do some different family photos... we just have to decide a theme... Plus, I hear his fee is astronomical.)

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Anonymous said...

oh yes...a VERY mind blow'n...
insanely...piggy bank break'n...
astronomically incorrect sitt'n fee
that does not include my fee for wardrobe...(which i will have to buy so i look good during the shoot) make-up (clearly...i will have to get a vat of the thickest corn syrup fer the lense) and then there's my ZERO tolerance fee for impromtu whine'n and/or move'n about at any given moment...i do hate staple gunn'n peoples britches to the bench...(really...I DO!)

perhaps...we can take a more economically sensible and environmentally appropriate approach by just cutting out yer heads from any previous photo and paste'n it with some non toxic elmer's glue onto any given family shot for turkey dinner in this months family cirle magazine

ps...or option 3...just CALL me (though i do accept facebook'ns as well) when yer most my weekends are :)