Friday, January 14, 2011

Test 2

We are having a mellow, break the rules kind of Friday night. Eating pizza in the livingroom, watching a,movie. Hazel cat is Snoopy-vulturing babywhumpus' pizza, and I am testing the Blogger function of my new phone. daddywhumpus is gigging, the snow is falling, and I don't think I am going to do bath tonight. babywhumpus has been in his new big boy bed since Sunday night, and he has only fallen out once. Last night. Changes are afoot at chez whumpus, including sleep training, painting, and potty training. He's growing up, and though we were here all the time, I sometimes feel like we are missing it.
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susan said...

yep, it goes fast--the growing up! Take every moment you can to enjoy it---forget the dishes, the this and that and focus on that growing thing as much as you can! Great book list I will borrow from! Love Brazelton and hope you enjoy! grammasue xxxooo