Monday, June 27, 2011

Those Women

Those women make it look easy. They are put together, well-groomed. Perhaps they have even accessorized. They never say things like "Shit, I forgot the sandwiches," or "Brilliant, I left my cell phone at home."

They hand their child a water bottle just as it is saying it is thirsty as they laugh out a dazzlingly witty comment about mothering and its strictures. They never lose their tempers in public or look the least bit frazzled while parenting in a crowd.

They plan menus and cook meals. Their houses are clean and their gardens tidy. They have accomplished careers are and respected in their fields.

I hate those women.


Linda said...

It's all a lie - those women do not exist. I love your blog - my youngest son is the same age as yours, and it's nice to see someone going through the same "stuff" I am.

kittywhumpus said...

Thanks! I am beginning to suspect that these women do not exist, and the ones I know, who I think are Those Women probably are really not...