Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Like Riding a Bike

You know what's just like riding a bike? Riding a bike.

The first time I got back onto a bicycle in over ten years, it was completely bizarre, and it did NOT all come back to me, like they say. I was wobbly and uncomfortable, unsure of my balance.

This past weekend, I got back onto a bicycle for the first time since before I got pregnant. (I stopped riding while pregnant in order to be careful. With hindsight, I can safely say that I could have ridden all that spring, and barring cars, it would not have been a problem.)

It was just like riding a bike. A little weird at first, and I completely forgot how to use the gears, but I managed.

The only problem is that my little computer was eaten by squirrels, so I had absolutely no data on the ride.

How do I know it actually happened?

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