Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby on Board

This afternoon, I found myself in 1987, driving behind a car with a "Baby on Board" sign in its rear window. Remember those? They were everywhere, on every minivan in sight. I never understood them. So what if you have a kid in there? Is it driving, and that is why you are letting the world know? Are you proud of your breeding and or reproductive skills? Congratulations and everything, but why do you have to declare that there is a kid in your car? Are we supposed to be super extra careful around you, so we don't wake the baby? Is that sign supposed to make us all better drivers because we will be thinking of the childrenz?

From what I could tell, a "Baby on Board" sign means "Caution, there is a kid in this car, so I am completely distracted and driving like an asshole. This is my left front wheel, over the center line. This is me, digging around behind the seat for something while I drift slowly and inexorably into your lane. This is me, sitting at a green light while you wait, contemplating my annoying car sign. This is me, pretty much convinced that I am the only driver on the road."

At least she didn't have those ridiculous "this is my family in stick figures including the dog" decals on the window too. I may have run her off the road.

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