Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NICU Follow-up Graduation

babywhumpus had his last visit to the NICU Follow-up clinic today, and I feel strangely ambivalent. While Finn has no lingering complications from his prematurity, I like the attention. Plus, I like going back to Children's even though everything has changed. These people took such good care of him, and I like the chance to see them again.

In any case, he topped out the Bayley Skills test and would have done even better, but he was quiet for the first part of the test, acting shy, and definitely did not do some things that he does do. Which the nurse certainly understands.

In any case, he's a rock star in the preemie world, and we feel very fortunate.

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susan smith said...

he sure is THEE rock star in our life!!!!! as evidenced by the latest pictures of him he is to-o-o cute!!!!!!!!! And bright and funny etc etc etc. Can't wait to see the halloween costume! granny sue