Saturday, September 22, 2012


We don't baby talk to Finn. We generally try to use a normal tone of voice and real words, not cutesy claptrap in a squeaky voice. That sort of things makes me nuts. But, there are "regular" words that sneak in and should only be used with your child. Words like "potty."

Due to my current status as a moocher, freeloader, person-who-does-not-take-responsibility-for-herself, Obama voter, possible member of the 47% (Sorry. Had to.), I had the time to attend three Irish Festivals with Pete and the rest of the band. It was great. I was not worried about deadlines; I was not filled to the brim with stress; Finn was in good hands with family; I could mostly sit back and enjoy myself.

At the third of the Irish Fairs, I walked up to a security guard, intending to ask where the Ladies' was. Instead, I said,

"Can you tell me where the potty is?"


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