Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Time, Last Year...

...I was prone, strapped to monitors, peeing through a catheter, looking at an uncertain future. Now, my baby boy is playing happily with blocks and drumming on his wooden drum. It's amazing how well he has done; it's incredible how fast the time has flown by.

It's a couple of days of mixed feelings, though. I remember the fear, but I also know how things turned out, and our experience throughout almost the whole summer was remarkably good.

There's a reunion at the NICU in June, and I am quite excited about it.

Oh, while we were gone, we bought Finn some teething biscuits. You know, the things that are basically Milk Bones. He loves them, but they are messy. You could build houses in the desert out of these things. Just moisten, stick together, and let dry.

It's worth it though, for stuff like this:

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susan said...

you go Finn!! Its this ability to tackle any challenge that has helped you come a lo-o-ong way! One year and wow you have changed! so have we--we are relaxed and enjoying the ever changing boy that you are. Love and kisses--grammasue