Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Travels with Baby

Cloth diapering and making your own baby food... on the road?

Sure. Why not?

We managed just fine. As long as you have access to a washing machine every few days, it's a snap. As far as making baby food goes, I had a bunch of stuff ready, we brought a cooler, and I made some while we were gone. Thing is, I thought, "Well, I might not have time to make his protein food, so I'll buy that."

We went to the co-op and picked up some Earth's Best organic chicken and rice and lentils and rice. Pete broke them out during the cook out on Sunday, and it was a no go. Neither Pete nor Finn cared much for it. I figure, if we can't stomach it, why should we expect Finn to? I threw out the remainders of the open jars, and made some for him, which he ate just fine. What amazes me is how they make all flavors of baby food smell like, well, baby food.

One thing is for certain: I brought way too much crap. I was expecting him to go through more clothes, but it just didn't happen. Plus, we did laundry. I could have forgone my hulking giant suitcase for a much more diminutive bag. By the next time we road trip, it will all be different again, but I hardly touched most of the clothes I brought for him.

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