Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1. Finn now has his own room.
2. We are getting new stairs on the front porch.
3. Pete's folks came to visit for the weekend.
4. Finn has a cold. So do I.
5. 8 of the 9 GOP candidates for governor "don't believe" in global warming.
6. I am breathing through my mouth and feeling very smart. Here's to Guinness and Benadryl.
7. Fritz (old cat) has taken to peeing in Finn's room. We have to keep doors closed now.
8. We are looking into buying a new car and getting rid of the two we have now. We'll donate the old one to The March of Dimes and sell the newer one.
9. I've been reading books about Ebola.
10. Finn is 19 pounds, 29 inches. He's all over the place.
11. I want to write; I miss writing; I can't seem to write.
11.a. I am also having a knitting block.

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vix said...

What books on Ebola have you been reading/enjoying?