Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flying Baby

OK, parents out there. We're taking our first plane trip on Friday.
This is how I feel about it:

Tips? Tricks? Medication recommendations (for me)?


Anonymous said...

We took Joyce to Florida when she was 13 months old - around 3 hours on the plane. It was like 3 hours of sitting anywhere else; sometimes napping, sometimes busy, sometimes fussy.(We broughtg a bottle/sippy cup and food.)

Will you be able to pass him back and forth? Let him stand and bounce? Does Finn have any ear problems?

It will be an adventure. Have a great trip!

XOXOX Christa

Anonymous said...

just grab a bottle...hunker down...and pray for daylight!


susan said...

Well here in mass. is a heartbroken gramma--I wish I could reach in and hold him!!---give that crying boy a big hug for me!

kittywhumpus said...

He's FINE. I don't remember what he was worked up about. It wasn't much. The point is, I am looking for advice regarding airplane travel.

Christa, I am not sure if he has any ear problems. That is to say, he has not had any ear problems thus far. I am relying on nursing for takeoff and landing.

I think there will be a lot of walking in the aisle with him. I'll bring snacks, and he has some new toys that he has not even seen yet. I'll bust them out on the plane. Plus books.

Sheila said...

Karen and Pete,
We flew with Katie 5 or 6 time between 3 months and 24 months - It can be easy if you plan properly.
I agree with the comments about bringing a bottle, but that works best if Finn is drinking the bottle during take-off. That way he won't experience pressure in his ears.
Snacks are crucial as are books and toys to keep him occupied.
It will go fine, have fun!