Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Report for Daddy

Finn's normal routine is that he's asleep by about 8:00 p.m. and doesn't wake up until midnight at the earliest. Last night, he was exhausted and fell asleep rather quickly while nursing. I read and waited out the obligatory 20 minutes and went to put him into his crib. This usually works for me, but oh no no no, not last night. He was very upset. After two tries at this, we came out into the living room for a little Lefty snack. I repeated the process and took him in after thirty minutes. This time it worked. It was 9:00. He woke up at 11:00.

I can only guess that he was wanting daddy.

I slept with him in the bed in his room. At one point, his feet were on my chest and his head against the wall. He's a very active sleeper, but we did ok. We got up for good at 6:48, got dressed, packed the diaper bag, had a boob snack, and hit the road at 7:38. He sang until he fell asleep, and we checked him in at day care at 8:06. Only Ellery was there, and Michael was still getting breakfast together, so we talked about nutrition and brain development while he got Finn his oatmeal, chicken quiche, and tomatoes. I left at 8:30 and arrived home at 8:45. Now, it's 9:11. I have folded the rest of the diapers, tidied up the diaper area, and put a few dishes away. Max is sleeping atop the basket of clean laundry, Hazel is perched on the floor next to me, and I am having my coffee (decaff), while listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and recovering from my first outburst of Fritz Missing.

It's just too quiet.

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