Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's not that there's nothing going on...

Having a baby changes your life.

And in other news of the obvious: the earth is round, gravity works, evolution is happening right now.

Pete and I were sitting on the couch watching "America's National Parks," and Finn was asleep in his crib, in his room, and I thought "We are never alone." Sitting on the couch, watching educational and interesting television was much different two years ago. It was just Pete and I. Now, no matter where the boy is, it's never just me; it's never just Pete and I. The boy is always with us.

Finn had his one-year follow-up eye examination on Tuesday, so I plucked him out of day care and whisked him out to a medical care complex in an inner-ring suburb. Premature babies are at risk for eye troubles, though Finn has always checked out completely normal. He did well on his little tests, though he mostly just wanted to grab the things being held up, not just look at them, which is, I am certain, quite common.

Then, they dilated him

I had no idea that this appointment was going to involve dilation. He had his drops, and we returned to the waiting room. Thing is, Finn was already done with waiting, and as I thought this would be a rather quick trip, I had no toys, diapers, or water with me for the boy's amusement and care. Motherhood: fail.

We talked a bit to another mom, there with her four-and-a-half year old daughter, and I got my perspective check for the day. The little girl has brain cancer. BRAIN CANCER.

Things in our life are absolutely rosy. Peachy-keen, in fact. No problems.

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mostcurious said...

Oh yes this. Especially when I get to wallowing over the arthritis.