Saturday, May 8, 2010

A good start to the weekend

This morning, we marched in a Cinco de Mayo parade, for Betty McCollum and other DFL candidates. It was blustery and chilly (40 degrees), but still an invigorating experience.

Well, for most of us. Finn took a little nap, but it didn't last long.

Beautiful St. Paul

And the best one of all, a family picture with Betty and Al!


WriteOn said...

This one says "Christmas Card" to me.

dorkchic said...

Yay! And a couple of pretty awesome knit hats there, too.

susan said...

good for you three! Tell that Franken guy Pete's mom sent money to help him try to be as good as Wellstone.... Get his autograph next time!! Finn looks especially political in the photos! Love to all grammasue xxxooo

Anonymous said...

What’s in your wallet, Pete?(pretend that "wallet" has strikethrough lettering, and that it's followed by the words, "Betty shirt")