Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day, like all the other gift-and-card holidays, is mainly a marketing scheme. As well as a day for Mom to get breakfast-in-bed, with the added gift of a destroyed kitchen that she has to clean. I was watching a sit-com called "The Middle" about this very topic, and the main mom character had this to say: "Mothers' Day sucks. Fathers' Day is great because Moms run it."* What dad ever got breakfast in bed, full well knowing that he would have to face a kitchen littered with dirty dishes, egg shells, and crusty frying pans?

It also reminds me of "African American History Month" and "Women's History Month," which are clear examples of how far we have to go in this country before such things are unnecessary. You often hear people griping "Where's 'White History Month'? or 'Men's History Month'?" And we reply, "That would be March through January and April through February. In other words, the whole rest of the year.

Mom gets one day of special treatment, for which she usually has to pay some price, and then it's 364 days of same-old-same-old.

So, thanks Mom! Now that this includes me, though I still can't wrap my mind around that fact, please don't buy me flowers and jewelry. And please don't make me breakfast if I just have to clean it up later.

*Mom comes home to an absolutely ransacked kitchen. daddywhumpus remarked that this was how our kitchen looked when I came home from LA. It wasn't quite that bad, though he had not done a single dish in five days, which was why I tried to leave the kitchen clean, even though he told me to pack and get ready to go. I will say, however, that he did the dishes after I came home.

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