Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This would be a really good morning to have a wand and access to a good store of potions.

Petrificus Totalus for the cats, one of which cannot handle spring, so he gets all riled up and then picks a fight or just races around the house scratching the furniture while making continuous fluttery meows. Or yowling. They are both eating the fresh flowers in the house and then yakking them up in inconvenient places.

I am thinking Draught of Living Death or at least a powerful sleeping potion for the humans in the house. The small one is all out of whack since I came home, and who knows what's going on there. I am a terrible sleeper in general and could use to be knocked out, and Pete has been dealing the most with Thrashy VonWhineyboots at night.

Being able to point my wand at the kitchen and have coffee make itself would have been simply glorious, as I lay curled into the fetal position on the couch under one of the boy's baby blankets, unable or unwilling to move due to my cold tiredness.

daddywhumpus put the boy back into his crib, where he sleeps for the moment as we drink our muggle-prepared coffee (without half and half), and I try to think of a reason that it's simply impossible that I could make it to work. Which is where Imperio or Confundus would come in, depending upon my mood.

Barring that, I sure would love to be able to Apparate.

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