Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Target,

What's $2183.70 to a big company like you, beloved by millions of shoppers throughout the land, with sales of $63.4 billion during 2009? Not much, but it's what my little family of three spent at your stores in 2009 and 2010, up to now. I know you don't need me anymore. After all, your 2009 results "reflect  the strongest retail  segment profit in [your] history".

It's been grand, or, dare I say "Super", but I think it's time we see other people. You see, we don't agree about a few fundamental things, and it's standing in the way of this relationship going any further.

You think it's OK to deny women the right to choose their reproductive and sexual destiny, even as you partner with the Minnesota League of Women Voters.

You think it's just dandy to keep certain people from marrying the ones they love, even though you say you are trying to "foster an inclusive culture."

You believe it's a good idea to fund private schools at the expense of public schools, and furthermore, that the federal government should have no say in public education, even as you work to improve school libraries.

You think it should be harder for Americans to vote, even as you advocate voter education, and you believe Arizona's new immigration law is a good idea, even though you say "diversity is a core value throughout every area of [your] company."

You are proud of your NRA endorsement, even as you work with police officers "as trusted partners... to strengthen public safety."

You don't believe in global warming, even though though you say you "know what's good for the environment is good for everyone."

You don't believe in evolution, even though you "play an active role in supporting education."

Or, at least, that's what you are saying to me when you give $150,000 to an organization that is supporting Tom Emmer in the race for Minnesota governor. The above are deeply contradictory statements, and I can't reconcile the politician's beliefs with your company's stated goals, activities, and policies.

Clearly, these are things we can't overcome, "dealbreakers", I think they call them, so I'll be taking my money elsewhere from now on.

I know what you'll say. You'll say that you are non-partisan, you are just looking out for number one, and you will support anyone who you think supports you. You will say that you have given $80,000 to Democrats and $103,500 to Republicans in 2010, so it's pretty much equal.

You say you want to support Minnesotans, and that you love being here. You say you do a lot of good for the country in communities & schools.

But you never loved me. You never cared. And without me and countless other lefties, liberals, and progressives who support you, you are nothing. You can go ahead and support candidates who you say support business, but when those candidates are supporting business over supporting people, those people have less disposable income to spend in your stores.

When those candidates have beliefs that fly in the face of human rights, science, facts, and the common good, I have to draw the line.

Your 2007 Marketing Plan says that 93% of your shoppers are women, their  median age is 41, their median household income is $63 thousand, 45%  have children at home, and 48% have completed college. In that plan, it was advised that you branch out and find new markets, so I release  you. May you be happy in the life that you have chosen.

I can get my tee shirts and baby bubble bath elsewhere.



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Anonymous said...

can i take the podium now?

i'd also like to ad...another good reason why i will no longer be stuffin' yer piggy bank (as if the above mentioned weren't enough)

1. you stopped carry'n paul frank undies fer adult men...WHY?

2. season 2 of dexter is never in stock at yer downtown branch...when CLEARLY...with yer overhead big brother system...barney fife at the front door look'n diligently with his eagle eye for non payment payers while check'n out my ass as i walk by...check out scanners...and the same robo employee's ask'n me if i wanna sign up for one of yer cards on a daily basis as if i had changed my entire DNA system from the day would think someone...somehow... would've realized that i've already possessed season's 1 & 3 fer the past 2 years...and you would do yer best to rectify the situation by keep'n season 2 in stock fer one of yer loyal fans

and i don't wanna hear you say...well...why didn't i suggest a copy to be saved for me! i'm not gett'n paid to communicate with you...just give me cool prezzies in exchange fer my plastic currency card...just like the ingines did with the pilgrums!

(i guess i'll go play with my other friend...AMAZON.COM fer all my future dvd pleasurements)

AND lastly...

3. 9 times outta 10 when i went to get a acai/blueberry flavored vitamin was luke warm...(FYI) the future...IF i decide to come play with you again...i like my vitamin water so hurts my teeth when i drink it

who drinks vitamin water luke warm?...wait...don't answer that...i'm done with you

the only way you will see me again is if that a-hole yer support'n looses!