Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fever Baby

daddywhumpus is home for a couple of hours, and he thinks I should take a nap. I've been up the majority of the last two nights with Fever Baby, and this is Pete's week to be a Rock Star. Thing is, Rock Star's wives have nannies. Not so for most Folk Star's wives.

Its just one of those weeks; a convergence of events. There's a wedding gig and a CD party this weekend, plus a mid-week solo gig, all of which add up to Monday night being the only night without a rehearsal or event, and that's already behind us. babywhumpus woke up with a fever Sunday morning; it was worse yesterday, and then the cough and hoarseness started. I suspected strep, so we stayed home today, and I brought him to the doctor. No strep in the rapid test; she suspects adenovirus, as it's been going around (The other choice was enterovirus, as this is the time of year, but she hasn't been seeing it). Not much we can do about it, just keep treating with ibuprofen and acetaminophen. And be awake all night.

So I should nap. Like I could ever nap in a populated house, in the middle of the day, in as short a space of time as two hours, when there is shit to be done. If Pete is home and minding the boy, then I'll finish up the laundry and do the dishes. It's either that or lay in bed, thinking about the laundry and the dishes while I listen to them eating cereal in the kitchen.


susan said...

darn!!!! these are the times my heart hurts-- wishing I was near by to help.....rocking and singing to a sick boy while you sleep--- "knitting up the raveled sleeve of care" (W. Shakespeare). We oldsters like to be useful!!!! Also wish I could go to the upcoming CD party Pete! Have a good one Sunday!

Ruth Meyers said...

I feel your pain. I remember when Ashley was 4 and Ryan 18 months and they both had high fevers. We just hung out in the basement all day and night and I gave them both grape flavored Tylenol and Ibuprofen alternating every 2 hours. Jim was at work, so I was on my own.

Anonymous said...

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