Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's a Stain on my Notebook

Cold press coffee. I am just going to have to find out for myself what all the fuss is about. I hear it tastes like coffee smells, which seems a near impossibility to me, as if that were true, grown people would be weeping in the streets, and every single human would have one of these low-tech machines.

I'm a sucker for a better brew, though, so I got it started this morning. I didn't understand how it works, and I am still a bit skeptical, but at least I get the process now. I bought some "cold press" coffee blend from Peace Coffee and ground up almost a pound of it in my home grinder (first lesson: grind it at the co-op). The thing takes 9 cups of water and a pound of coffee, added alternately and not stirred. It's really hard to resist stirring. I wanted to stir it. I still want to stir it. It's sitting on my stove at home, and I can't get over the belief that it needs to be stirred.

2 cups water, half the coffee, more water water poured slowly over the grounds, rest of coffee, let sit 5 minutes, rest of water, tap with spoon. At the end, it looks like this, and here it will sit brewing for 12 hours. When that's done, you take out the little stopper that is plugging the bottom of the brew canister, and it filters into the decanter. What you are left with is 6 cups of coffee concentrate to which you add hot or cold water and a whole lot of coffee grounds for the compost heap. The nice thing about this could be that the coffee is brewed and ready, all we have to do is plug in and turn on the electric kettle in the morning. Or I can send it to work with daddywhumpus to eliminate the afternoon coffee shop spending.

And I WILL NOT stir it.

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