Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fly Boy

Packed and ready to go. Without the car seat, this would have been completely manageable. With the car seat, we looked like crazy bag people trying to save 25 bucks by not checking another bag. As it was, the one bag we checked--that big orange one--weighed in at 61 pounds, costing us an extra $90 on top of the $25. I blame the big box of CD's Pete brought, because I can. It's my blog. We'll see what it adds up to on the way home. The thing that gets me is that it's the only bag we checked for three people. They should have paid us.

It's 12:05, and we are over the vast expanse of Lake Huron,  its blue waters merging with the sky. Finn is done with the plane.

We have two hours to go.

Pete is changing a poopy diaper because mama does not leave her seat on an airplane, preferring to remain rooted by fear to one spot. There's quite a line forming because it takes Pete a long time to change a poopy diaper in the comfort of our living room, let alone in the confined box of an airplane lavatory. From what I remember, they are pretty small. I made it to Dublin and back without using one, so I could be wrong. I think I have only been in one once. I am convinced that I won't be able to get out, and an embarrassing scene will ensue, involving numerous flight attendants and much head shaking from other passengers. One of my main goals in life is not to be the subject of strangers' dinner conversation. "On the plane today, this idiotic woman locked herself in the labatory. No, I don't think she was 'special.'"

Yes, yes, he's very cute. Note the completely placid 22-month-old who didn't make a sound, right there in the background. Had he not been on the plane for comparison, Finn would have been a pretty good child. As it was, when compared with the other boy, Finn was Average. Also, note the snack container. I can thank A.'s mother for that. She had one at the State Fair, packed with healthy snacks. She's brilliant and organized.

Finn was not going to sit still. I am hyper conscious of trying not to annoy child-free parents, straddling the fence between knowing what it's like to be sick of children and thinking "Screw you, Stink Eye, let's see you do better." It's an uncomfortable fence, complete with splinters and barbed wire.

He needed a nap, but I didn't think that will happen without boob, and I didn't particularly want to freak out prudish Americans who are usually shocked at a nursing child who can speak. There's no logic behind the statement "If you can ask for it, you're too old for it," especially considering that we are told for the rest of our lives that you have to ask for what you want.

Mini Magnadoodle-type drawing pad. It kept him quite occupied for a short period of time. That's the way it is. New book for a little while. Snacks. New toy car (muscle, Matchbox). Snacks. Magnadoodle. iPad. Nap. The snacks are crucial. Bring many.

Finn and Pete played in an empty row for awhile, but when Pete tried to bring him back, he started shriek-whining and back-arching, two of the most grating and publicly humiliating toddler behaviors there are. Conventional means of amusement were no longer working, so we broke out the technology.

Hello, iPad.

We played a few games, and then the eye rubbing began, so we put on Nemo (Finding, not Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea). The headphones were a little weird for him, so now Finn is sitting on Pete's lap, and Pete is reciting the movie.

Yes, we have seen it that many times.

I wanted to be one of those parents who didn't prop herself up on the crutch of television, but a girl's gotta have a break. As fun as it would have been to be superior and smug, inwardly judging people who park their kids in front of Barney, I think I'd rather be able to get something done every once in a while, or even just sit and stare sometimes.

There are plenty of other things I can judge other people for.

In preparation for this flight, I brought grapes, raspberries, hippie pop tarts, crispy rice bars (peanut butter, hippie), and crackers (regular and bunny). We had a few new toys and new books, plus the apps on the iPad and iTouch. Even with all that, once he got too tired, it was down to Pillow to save the day, so he tucked into the corner next to his car seat and fell asleep. Aside from one very short episode with ear pressure, he stayed asleep until all the other passengers were off the plane.

Note to self: next time, no car seat. It is too huge and cumbersome. We'll rent one with the car. Even on the way home, we are checking it.

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mostcurious said...

From Dublin?! Didn't go to the bathroom once?!

I cannot imagine this. Of course, I have recently learned that I'm such a restless flier I go to the bathroom every hour or two just for something to do, so you know, to each their own.

So it seems I have arrived home to hold down the fort while you are gone. Thanks for keeping it safe for me while I was gone. :)