Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Vacationing with a two-year-old is a different kind of break. You can't have the same expectations of relaxation and repose that you might reasonably look forward to were there not a dependent though determined small being in tow.

Your routines, as inconstant as they may seem to you at home, help to hold the family together. When you know what to expect, in general terms, things are easier, though they do not always appear so. Away from your normal environment, without the time constraints of work and day care, things can fall apart. People can fall apart. Toddlers often do.

Finn is doing remarkably well, I think, with all the new people and relatively constant activity. He has no schedule because there is no schedule, and we are not structured enough to create one. Naps happen when we think he needs it or, like today, not really at all. He simply will no go to sleep even though he is a complete crabapple and clearly needs a good, long nap. He's expressing his stress and trepidation through an increased demand for "Quiet Time" and "Pillow," which then puts an increased demand on me and removes me from company a lot. More than even I would choose.

We have just sent him off on a (hopefully) long explore with his grandparents. We are having Quiet Time in the form of books and blog. I might even take a shower.

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