Friday, April 3, 2009


At least I am sleeping enough to dream, so I won't wind up all crazy, like in that Next Generation episode where they were all sleeping, but not dreaming, except for Deanna, so they were all losing their minds.

I made it through my first work week alive. Admittedly, it's only 3 days long, but after seven months, three days in a row of meetings and general social output is rather tiring. I had no idea.

It's not like I sit around here knitting and eating bonbons when I am home. I get a lot done, and I don't nap, but being out and about in the world on three or four hours sleep is different than being at home. You have to be attentive. Listening apparently uses up a lot of calories. As does trying to speak in coherent sentences with big words, subjects, and predicates.

But it could be a long day. Fritz Cat, the 19 year old, is having seizures. Pete took him in this morning, and they think he is probably anemic and having kidney trouble. In any case, well, he's 19. So the most we can hope for is a little more time.

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susan said...

Oh give Fritz a hug for me! Hadley is 19 also and seems ok so far, but is very thin! Maybe she and fritz can have a support group.....she sends her love and licks.