Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ultimate Fighting Baby

You know all about Ultimate Fighting, right? I only know about it because of Season 3, the ones where Monica's boyfriend wanted to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. I guess there are no holds barred, except for fishhooking and eyegouging.

Again, Friends is my only reference. I don't have time for boxing let alone fighting that sounds like bringing the bar room to the living room. I am just not that interested in aimless violence, I guess. Silly me.

Finn is the Ultimate Fighting Baby, but he cheats. He fishhooks and eyegouges. Ok, maybe not eyegouging, but he nose picks, lip grabs, gum scrapes, pinches, twists, and slaps.

It's fun!

I never knew how much thin skin I had on my body until Finn started picking it up delicately between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it, and rolling it around. My neck, chest, boobs, face, and wrists often have little red marks on them. He likes to reach into mouths, and grab teeth, which feels great when his little nails get purchase on the gums under your tongue. He also likes to get his thumb into the back of my hand or my wrist and move the little bones and tendons around.

Oh, he's also very fond of chewing on my forearm until it's red.

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