Friday, August 21, 2009

I need new bras

Weren't expecting that, were ya?

I have one real bra that fits me. Meaning, "bra that one would consider wearing on a date." I have two nursing bras which definitely don't count when considering the idea of being on a date. Other than that, it's the sports-type bras I bought when I was pregnant because nothing else would fit, and they are getting stretchy and weird and are not attractive or supportive, kind of like that boyfriend we all had in college.

Thing is, I am still lactating (yeah, I said it), so size will change, but I could be lactating for quite some time, so I think I should just go and get some new bras. They won't work with the pumping, but at least I could look good in my clothes from the waist up.

We had a garage sale last weekend. I have some extra cash floating around. I bet Pete would be OK with that.

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