Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Routine

I was just sitting with the boy in our room, going through the last bit of my part of The Routine, snickering about how many things I was doing wrong, according to Sleep Barbie.

I was nursing him, and I let him fall asleep.
Music was playing.
His crib is in our room.
I put him in his crib pretty much mostly asleep.

I don't know how long he'll stay asleep; last night, it was four hours, which is practically a record. But then he was awake for an hour and a half, making up for it, I guess.

He had his short bath at 7:00, then diaper (I am using his preemie diapers as night-time inserts) and p.j.'s, then boob snack with story, and this is where Pete usually comes in. Finn must have been tired (he took three very short naps today), because he fell asleep readily. It could be that he is already getting used to The Routine (I can't write that without thinking of "Friends.") because he started crying when I closed the door to the bedroom with us in it, but then he settled down pretty readily.

This is one of those times when The Books tell you that you should go to bed, too, but I am going to write a bit, pump, drink some Guinness, and watch some Sex & the City because Thalia knows, I haven't seen enough of it.

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mostcurious said...

You know, I discount our routinized behavior here (we still follow The Routine, although in winter we skip bath half the time because she gets dry skin) but it's probably a good part of what turned her into a decent sleeper.

*sends luck*