Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Sleep Crutches"

Sleep Barbie is big on "sleep crutches," or what she also calls "negative associations" such as breastfeeding, cuddling, rocking, and music as aids to get babies to sleep. She insists that "negative associations" as a term does not mean that the things are actually negative, it's just a term.


Things like cuddling SUCK.

But blankies and stuffed animals are ok. Though, if they need them to fall asleep, then they really aren't doing it by themselves, they are just doing it without you.

I'll keep leaning on my crutches as long as I need support, and as long as my boy wants them. I mean, if "negative associations" does not mean "negative," then "crutch" might not mean "crutch."

As it is, The Routine gets him to sleep by 8. Last night, he woke up at 8:53 (he's a single sleep cycle sleeper). He was back asleep by 9:09 and he slept until sometime around 1:00. Pete got him back to sleep and brought him to me at 3. It's progress by inches, and Finn is still a happy baby. He's eating at around the 3-4 mark, but we are focusing on the bedtime part of the routine.

The weird thing now is that we hardly see our baby. I mean, we still have some night-time parenting going on, but we get home from day care at around 6, feed the boy, start The Routine at 7, and he's asleep by 8. In the morning, we get up, get him ready, and head out the door.

The weekends will be nicer now because we can look forward to spending time with the baby.


mostcurious said...

That's great that he's making it until 3 without eating.

I know exactly what you speak of, not seeing your kid. I pick mine up at 4:15 and still only see her until 7:00

susan said...

Ok ---well you returned that book didn't you?---TOO late Barbie--grammasue just sent a package of "sleep crutches" that have worked for hundreds of years--you are wrong!! Just follow your instincts and watch for a package (from "a childs garden" store--what a great place!) He is a happy baby and as he gets just a little older sleep becomes easier. Hope you 2 parents like the things. And oh, by the way, when I was working as a childrens' librarian I attended lectures on childrens books and one author recommended not using Dr. Seuss as bedtime stories--to stimulating-- "one fish 2 fish red fish blue fish"--and said use more relaxing stories. Food for thought. Sleep Barbie sucks! Do you still work 3.5 days so you see Finn 3.5 days?