Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Face Forward

"It's obvious that the people who wrote the Bible were living in a warm climate because otherwise, HOT would not be their idea of HELL."
-daddywhumpus, on the way to work this morning in the -3F degree air temperature.

The boy does not seem to be minding our cold snap. The boy is also snuggled in a warm, green snowsuit in his forward-facing car seat, watching us and watching the road go by. We bought this seat a few weeks ago. Technically, he still fits in his infant seat (It's authorized for up to 30 pounds), but when you add winter gear, it really was not working anymore.

They can face forward if they are 20 pounds AND over one year old. He's both, so we went for it. We thought it might also make the Christmas road trip easier. We decided to drive because flying sucks. Not just because of the baby (he did really well on the flights), but because of all the stuff, all the waiting with all the stuff, security, waiting, waiting with stuff. We figured we would have more control over driving, and it probably did wind up being less expensive, though I have not added it all up yet.

I can confidently say that forward-facing has made road trips with baby a hundred times better. It's made riding in the car at all a hundred times better. He can see, he has more room, we can feed him, sing to him, talk to him. It's great. He does not get nearly as frustrated, nearly as fast.

The trip to York, PA is 18 hours. We did it there in three days and home in two. With cloth diapers. Bringing our own food. And we did not have to worry about terrorists or Christmas snowstorms that grounded flights. We stopped when we needed to, and were only held up once-- by a car fire. Not ours. The new VW sportswagon was a dream. All in all, a good trip.

Did I mention he's walking?

Yeah, he's walking.

We're doomed.


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