Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I believe that I have previously mentioned my relative loathing of Babies-R-Us, not least because of its name. It's a big box baby store, and it makes me crazy. The warehouse of baby gadgets, formula, and disposable diapers (Read: Stuff We Don't Use) is not my favorite outing. But we find ourselves stuck with it, like when we buy a car seat or when we are in Pennsylvania without our table seat. I forgot to pack our nifty attaches to the table baby seat, which I bought for exactly such an event, and after one day of trying to feed him anyway, we relented. We had to get something. I searched, but all I could find was Babies-R-Us, so we went. We got a different kind of seat, and we really like it, but it was the bibs that caught my eye...

What the ever-loving crap is that all about? And that's supposed to be from a girl, I gather, because of the pink.

Not to mention below, presumably for boys:

I can't even begin to relate my horror, but I will anyway.

Chicks dig me?
My Mom is hotter than your mom?
My dad is cooler than your dad?
If you think I'm cute, you should see my dad?
Chick magnet?
If Mommy says no, ask grandma?

Grotesque. All of them. For varying reasons. Those reasons are sexism, heterosexism, bad taste, and out-of-line. Often all three at once. Hopefully, the people who buy these are not using them to teach their babies to read.

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Anonymous said...

seriously...there should be a line of bibs fer a boy that say either:

"what the hell were you think'n...
this bib doesn't go with my tutu"

"i cry cuz mommy drinks too much"

"if you think i'm hot...you should see my dad's "drink'n buddy"...wink wink"

"don't touch me down there...
REALLY...don't!!...there's a spy camera in every inch of this house
and they've been record'n every moment since they hired you to babysit me"

perhaps they could be all made out of somethin' in a burgundy silk or irradescent chiffony material fer the uptown boy...or maybe double sided from day to even'n wear..fer the busy gal on the go...like yerself :)