Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Children's Museum

The weekend before last (does it really matter), the whumpuses went to the Children's Museum. We had never been there before, and the opportunity arose to meet up with a group of similarly-minded people who also have kids, and it was simply a great outing. We don't go to church, and we don't hang out regularly with friends who have small children, so this event was grrrreat. (Not sure why. Probably schedules. Oh, and the fact that many--though certainly not all--of the people we know who have small children are acquaintances, with whom we don't necessary have much in common, aside from small children. It's not always enough. Oh, and also, when I have time, I don't always want to spend it with other people because I don't like people. So, maybe I am sure why. This is clearly a separate post.)

First of all, the place is meant for children. It's not a museum about children, or a museum that children can look at, it's a museum that children can do. And as long as you guard the door to whatever exhibit room they are in, they can pretty much run around and get into stuff. Even a nineteen-month-old tornado like babywhumpus.

There's a room with a lot of water things:

A room that is like a little town with businesses and houses:
Proof that sometimes, I am with the baby, too!
Yes, we drew on him, and ourselves.

Overalls are not just cute, they are functional. This was a demonstration with a real, live rat. Finn was not trying to get to the rat, he was trying to get to the fake fireplace behind the rat:

In the dinosaur room:

On the right, cast of the inside of a triceratops skull. Dino brains:

More in the water room. In the Forest room, Finn was taking the little rubber tadpoles and frogs out of the stream and sucking the water off of them. Nice.

We loved it. We bought a membership. We only have to go three more times in a year to make it totally worthwhile.


susan said...

Thanks for all the new pictures! too cool!!! So much fun--this is the kind of stuff I love to play too! The pictures are so great--finn looks so super-engaged in all the stuff and looks bigger since Thanksgiving. Not just bigger but more mature or whatever the correct word is! What a doll my grandson is--and oh his parents aren't bad either! Love to all--

Linda said...

In KC we have Science City at Union Station - basically a children's museum, but you can also walk out on a bridge and watch the trains pass underneath - awesome for the boys!
-Linda (from A&AC at Ravelry)

Miss jane said...