Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some things never change

You know the whole "you'll feel different when you have kids" thing?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

For instance, childed co-workers when I was childless. They were always taking time off to take their kids here and there or pick them up or stay home with them, and it was irritating. It felt like they were getting breaks for having a kid.

Yeah, that's not the case.

I am in the middle of a week during which I have accomplished nothing. Finn had an Early Intervention appointment this morning, and I did not get here until 10:30. On Friday, I have to leave at 2:00 to take him for two more booster shots. Couple that with the dentist appointment I had on Monday, which landed me in my desk at 11:00, and I am so discombobulated that I don't even think a to-do list would help. I may as well have taken the week off for "personal reasons" and spent the hours in between appointments cleaning or organizing the spices. It blows. It's definitely not a "break." Luckily, I have sick time to cover it because next week is going to be the same thing.

At the same time, I straddle that childed/childless line because I still find it irritating that I take all this time away from the office just because I have a kid.

But some things never change. Those kid-sized shopping carts at the grocery store? I still hate them, and Finn will not be using them when he is with me. They get in the way, and they piss me off. Kids don't need to help with the shopping. It's helping no one. If you want your kid to help you with a grown up task, do it at home, not in the cheese section of the store. Have fun letting your kid help feed the cats. He'll get in no one's way, and you can clean up the mess in peace.


Anonymous said...

oh my CHER!...thankyou...FINALLY a parent as annoyed by child shopp'n carts as me

it's not cute see'n them act like a grown'n in the carts like they're at the indy 500 and cause'n frustration fer childless adults try'n to live their lives in peace...

they're waaay too big and i always end up have'n to be the courteous one...wait'n at the end of the aisle til they get their hummer of a shopp'n cart thru

THEY'RE KIDS...let them be a kid friendly zone

and another thing...(besides when a parent lets them try and pick out what cheeses they want...but end up throw'n them around like tinker toys fer 15 minutes)...

unless they are at least 4 feet tall and able to properly handle a gallon of milk that's not twice their weight or scan a carton of eggs...keep them away from the self help check-out line...the self help check out prison guard can only say "clean up in self-help" so many times before he/she snaps

in close'n...finger pick'n children are long as they stay outta my way at the grocery store...and away from the unwrapped produce (unless they are wear'n government approved latex gloves to cover their disease spread'n claws!)

that's all :)


R said...

Ashley absolutely loved the little grocery shopping carts in Winona!