Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Children's Museum: Redux

This may come as a shock to you, but sometimes, it gets cold in Minnesota, and though we are a hearty people, it's not as fun to do things outside when there are no degrees outside, especially with a baby. Here's where the Children's Museum comes in. We went back on Sunday because we wanted to check out the infant and toddler room; we missed it the last time.

It is most excellent.

It's a big room, divided up into four sections, each with a seasonal theme, and it includes ramps, slides, caves, nooks, crannies, bridges, and other little surprises kids can find.

There's Finn in part of the winter section. They had igloo blocks for building, and behind him is a little box that has icicles on monofilament that the kids reach in and move around; next to that are jingle bells on strings. Across from the jingle bells were chimes.

And icefishing.

Those sunflowers can be whirled around.

Finn spent more time crawling than he has in weeks; getting used to the terrain.

Those are his new four dollar big boy shoes. Well, sort of big boy. They don't tie, they slip on.

Parents can crawl around with them, and there's a nursing room as well as a little room off to the side with big and little person chairs as well as some story books and a nice view of the street.

Guess which book is ours.