Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here in the northland, we grow 'em hale and hardy.

We complain about the cold and the snow only because we are proud of ourselves and we wish to keep outsiders in warmer climes, where they belong. We put on layers, and we tromp around in the snow and cold... on purpose. We sit on wood, plastic, and metal and fling ourselves down hills in the blistering cold... for fun. We are strong. We are tough. We are mildly insane.

In a passive-aggressive way.

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susan said...

how can such a beautiful joyful little boy also be such a grouch?? (As in the valentines day problems with sleep?) Such cute pictures of sledding--we do that here in Massachusetts but the snow is ALL MELTED-- darn it!! Its muddy and gray and ugly here and I prefer the snow!! Love to all--grammasue