Sunday, February 7, 2010

This doesn't FEEL true

A new study from Australia claims to have debunked the myth that women get stupid when they get pregnant and subsequently have a baby. They spent 20 years analyzing the mental function of a group of women before and during pregnancy and during early motherhoody times...

See, this is what I mean. It doesn't FEEL true. I just tried to paraphrase from the article, and it's a dead failure. Thank goodness I still have the brains left to be able to edit myself.

Anyway, they couldn't find a difference in cognitive speed and "people [I think she means women] have the tendency to blame the fact that they're pregnant on normal lapses of memory which happen all the time to us anyway." And doesn't she also mean to say "I think that women blame their normal lapse of memory on being pregnant?"

Maybe SHE'S pregnant.

So my experience doesn't make it scientifically true, but I sure feel dumber than I did before I got pregnant, and the boy is 20 months old now. Maybe I was a super hero before, and I just did not know it, and now I am a mere mortal. This would suck.

I think the researchers are trying to make me feel better and give us ammunition so we can say "SEE, mothers are just as smart as all y'all!!" And while that is true, and we may be smarter as a group in some ways, it's not helping me follow conversations, accomplish tasks, or find my keys.

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mostcurious said...

I totally and completely agree. It does not feel true. I am finally starting to feel about as smart as before the kid emerged and she's almost six. I cannot imagine how people manage if they produce more than one.