Thursday, February 4, 2010


babywhumpus had his appointment with the ENT a couple of days ago. I kept thinking in my head that "ENT" must stand for Endondo-neuropathic-televisiologist" or something like that, so I could never remember the letters. Yup, it's Ear-Nose-Throat. Pretty simple. My faux-science brain wanted it to be so much more interesting.

Long story short: he's fine. His hearing is fine; his ears are clear; he couldn't be cuter. He was also really good for the appointment. He's onto these doctor things, and once he goes into a little room like that and the door closes, he starts to wail. I kept telling him that there would be no shots and pointed out the absence of a paper-covered table, and he settled down. He even let the audiologist and the doctor look into his ears without having to be strapped down like Hannibal Lechter.

Pete took him into a little sound-proof room for the hearing test, and he'll have to comment on what happened because, well, it was sound-proof, so I couldn't hear, and I sat out of sight so the boy couldn't see me and get distracted. I heard the word "clown" though, so it's probably best that Pete took him in there.

The ear doctor seemed a little surprised that Finn was even in her office, as he has had one ear infection and everything on all his tests and her exam was normal. We figure our pediatrician is being careful, perhaps due to his prematurity, and that's cool. Better safe than sorry.

Even better: no tubes.

At least not right now.


Pete McCauley said...

The sound booth was a pretty simple setup - just a speaker on either side of Finn in order to test the responsiveness of each ear. The tech made little noises come through the speakers, first left, then right, alternating sides and lowering the volume each time to see how he responded. He heard all the test sounds and reacted well - although towards the end he was more interested in the stuff in the room itself than anything else.

And yes - there were little clowns that lit up and danced whenever he would respond correctly to the sound stimulus... It's a good thing it was me in the box with him...

MoDLin said...

Glad Finn came through with flying colors. Way to go!
Interesting description of the test, though I can see how clowns might not be too cool for some folks. Good thing the two of you were there!