Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Shot

This may have been Finn's last Synagis shot for RSV protection. They are not sure if we have to come back in May or not.
He's 15 pounds, .7 ounces, which put him just over the one-syringe limit. Yup. He had to have two shots. The nurse confirmed what we thought: these syringes are longer than normal. And, I think, bigger in general.


For the sake of those of you who might be wondering or who might have forgotten, we took a video of the process.

Warning: there's boob in here.
But it's mine, not Pete's, so don't worry.

You go ahead. I can't watch.


mostcurious said...

Aww, poor guy. You know, the Kidlet sometimes got two shots at a visit, but they always did it two nurses, one in each leg so it was over faster. That just seemed mean!

susan said...

Grandmasue can't watch either--too heartbreaking!! I sure hope this is the last one of these--you deserve it Finn (to be the last). I miss you all so much since I got home! xxxx oooo

Lisa said...

You made a pregnant woman cry...poor Finn! That's number 2 reason to breastfeed, instant comfort.