Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Expired Milk

This means something different to a nursing mom.
At least, it does to someone who had an entire chest freezer full of breast milk.


Having that chest freezer full of breast milk made me lazy. The way we did things for a while was only possible because of our surplus. Once that started to wane, I started to pump again because I could tell that we were not going to get through all we had before it expired, and I began to worry about what would happen when I went back to work part time.

Finn has not been getting as many bottles because I have been keeping him all night, and I have no idea how much he eats in a day because you can't really measure when it's from the boob.

Then dad came to help, and one day, even though I was here, we did bottles. He drank 13.19 ounces in bottles and I pumped only 7.4 ounces. Clearly, I am going to need to step up the pumping operation if I go back to work part time.

Now, even though dad is here, I have been nursing and pumping to build up some stock. It makes dad feel like he's not doing enough, but I keep saying that it's still very good to have help. I don't get behind on the dishes, I do laundry, bake, cook, clean, write, read, and knit. I even made it to a meeting once.

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