Sunday, March 1, 2009


Pete is a baby-picture-shower.

I am not.
insert gratuitous baby picture
It's ironic, seeing as how I have this blog, on which I post pictures of my baby, but that's your choice. You can look at them or not. It's when I am out and about, talking to people, that I do not show pictures. I usually have pictures with me on my iPod, but I only get them out if people ask. And people usually only ask as a courtesy, because they know that parents want to show them-- that is why I ask. It's not because I care about other people's babies. I have been known to show a hospital preemie picture because people find it hard to imagine what it looks like, but that is more like showing someone a picture of a two headed dog fetus: it's something they have not seen before, and it's hard to visualize.

I suppose some people ask because they want to show their own baby pictures in return, and then each parent returns to his corner thinking "My baby is so much cuter."
That's what Pete does.

Which is as it should be.

Especially after a few pints.

p.s. It just occurred to me that, of course I don't show pictures. I am always in the house, with the baby. I am the one who takes the pictures. The only time I am out is for errands, generally. Who cares at the co-op? (Pete showed pictures at the co-op) Even so, I still don't think I would do it.

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mostcurious said...

I don't know, your baby is awfully cute.