Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review Thursday: Oliver Finds His Way

I don't know why I am bothering with this one. It won't be funny. I can't snark about it. I have nothing witty to say. I love this book, and I want to live in it.

If I could instantly move there and not be eaten by bears, I would.

I don't even mind the bears-in-clothes, starkly traditional gender roles, clearly utopian agrarian setting rife with stereotypes, and possible lapses in bearly parenting. The drawings are lush, evocative, dreamy, and charming. The illustrator's senses of movement and gesture are refined and real. You can feel these drawings. You know them.

Sure, baby bears rarely wear hunter plaid and drink milk from glasses, and papa bear would have long wandered off into the woods, with no interest in his progeny, and as it's fall, they should probably be eating something more than apples and quit raking the leaves because it's almost time to hibernate, but look at this:

And this:

Yes, please.

Oliver Finds His Way
by Phyllis Root
Illustrated by Christopher Denise

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