Thursday, March 17, 2011

Illegal Sleep Strike

The whumpus house is a Union Shop. We believe in workers' rights to organize and collectively bargain for better conditions. We support the right to strike. We are huge fans of worker happiness and safety.

But the sleep strike occurring right now in the whumpus house is entirely illegal. See, for any action to have legitimacy, you have to follow the accepted rules. There was no bargaining period preceding this strike. There was no exchange of understandable demands. No offers and counter-offers were proposed. There was no mediator; the president did not have to step in. The strike was instituted without warning, and the terms of the strike are harsh.

I have not had a chance to discuss this with the worker in question, as he has been unavailable for comment, at least of the rational kind. When asked "Why don't you want to sleep?" He goes quiet and does not answer. Or, if he does answer, it's with a tautology: "I don't want to sleep because I don't want to sleep."

This is not helpful, nor does it advance the issue for anyone.

While we recover from an extraordinarily busy time and from various upper respiratory infections, we have completely ceded any ground we may have gained and have given in to all demands. The strike will resume in all its screaming, flailing glory this weekend or next week, when all are healthy, and no one is looking forward to it.


susan said...

wish I was there to help----don't know how?---at least you could have a coffee break??

Anonymous said...

"Shame! Shame! Shame!" Any unionist worth his/her salt should be capable of putting forth unreasonable demands as part of negotiating strategy. Here's in support of the tautological tiny tyrant. You,as the represnetative of management, should remember to have never engaged in a land war in Asia, and that it takes many years to build up an immunity to Iocaine powder. All ye Sleepers, rise and shine!

Anonymous said...

Reject pusillanimity! Embrace toddlerillogicallity!