Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Caved

And found ourselves in The Family Bed.

Our lives are infinitely better, for the moment, now that we have accepted that our boy wants to be with us, and that's OK. It's all about perspective. He called the shots that led to the decision, but it was OUR DECISION, DAMMIT.

We will keep telling ourselves that.

For now, Finn is happy to go to bed, and he sleeps and sleeps. He's a bit thrashy at about three a.m., but he settles down pretty quickly. Even right now, we are all in the bed, baby- and daddywhumpus playing Angry Birds on the iPod (my new iPad is in Memphis, awaiting dispatch to my greedy little mitts).

1 comment:

susan said...

the good news is you have a beautiful new bed--queen is it?--and Finn loves it too! Forgot to tell you how much I loved that new bedroom set-enjoy and sleep any way you can! Grammasue