Friday, March 25, 2011

Here we go, go, go, go...

Today at work, the question was posed:

What do you do to bring peace into your life?

Everyone had to answer.

This is the second time this week I have been awake since 2:00 a.m. I am tired all over, especially in my brain. I am going every which way, and unable to stay focused or organized.

Peace is not something I have in abundance.

Everything has been "go, go, go", but nothing ever seems to be done, and I can't see any progress.


There were many answers from the diverse group in the circle, including everything from jogging to beer to god. I had nothing to give, aside from the observation that I need to find a way to incorporate the idea of peace or stillness into my life.

What was it in the past? Nature, poetry, reading, writing, yoga. Now, Time is in such short supply, and so much remains undone or half done, that it's hard to see a space for peace.

At least I still have beer.

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