Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wine with Dinner

I want cereal!

We're having spicy noodles.

NOOO! I want cereal!

We're not having cereal for dinner. You can have cereal for dinner when you are a 26-year-old bachelor.


We're having spicy noodles.

This is how we wound up playing Legos for dinner.

I think that I should try some of these preschool tactics in a future meeting or work situation in which I am presented with a situation I do. not. like. There is whining, of course, but the most effective display is the flop and drop, with the back arch.

Karen, we would like you to make 2600 cold calls as part of this research project.

Karen throws head back, screaming NO. Arches back and flops to floor on face, whimpering.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Tried it. Worked. Got to hire a Research Assistant to do it instead. :-P