Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While perusing my news searches this morning, a couple of headlines caught my eye. After a wonderful two-year-old evening and then a night of sleep crying, thrashing, and slapping, it's no wonder they stood out:

There are times you can understand it. Fortunately, most of us know there is a line, can see the line, and don't cross the line. We take a breath, and either place the child in the center of the room or hand it off to someone else. Then we cry because we dropped a fork or stumbled on a toy. That emotion has to go somewhere afterall.

The other headline was flipped in my brain. Perhaps you can guess how:

I saw "Kids linked to heavy drinking in parents." But in all seriousness, the study found that "teens with lax parents are more likely to drink heavily than teens with strict but supportive parents," which is interesting. I'll have to look into it further when I have had a few more hours sleep. So, give me a few years.

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