Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Because I can, and it would be fun to go to New York City again, because the last time I was there, babywhumpus started his premature entry into the world, unbeknownst to me... because it's high time he started paying his own way, I give you:

Pimping out your child for personal gain.
The Parents Magazine cover model contest.

Tell your friends, if you want. I have no shame. Well, I have a little shame. I do find this to be highly embarrassing and it possibly makes my character entirely suspect. It's terrible, I know, and I am not sure what possessed me, but there he is.

I think I have been watching too much America's Next Top Model.


Anonymous said...

ok...i voted fer the lil sh*t :)

i flipped thru a couple of the non aborted contestants though...and gotta say...as sweet as cherry pie as they may look...(and i don't mean that in a big bad wolf kinda way)...don't be fooled

today's barf buckets are tomorrow's right wing-nutted cover-uppers look'n fer the train to whoreville on everyone's dime...

so vote w-i-s-e-l-y!!

(ummm...pretty much...Finn clearly has thee most personality)


Tivity said...

Ok, clearly I'm intertubes challenged today. When I click your link I find a little girl named Sophia. Now I've been keeping up on your blog pretty regularly, so I'm pretty sure that you didn't go and have a second little one...

Help! :)

kittywhumpus said...

Tiv, that was weird... I did it again. Is it working now?

Kate said...

Just call me Votey McVoterson! :-)

Tivity said...

That one worked! And I voted. :)