Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things I think are stupid

Graduation from preschool/elementary school/middle school/junior high. Let's just make sure every minor thing is celebrated as a major achievement. These are really for the parents, and I think they are a waste of time. Need a pat on the back? Come on. I really don't think seeing your child through preschool really counts. How desperate are we for approval? Hopefully, your kids are getting approval and praise at home when they deserve it already.

Acting appalled that mothers judge each other. Humans judge. It's what we do. I judge people all the time, I just keep it to myself until I come here. "Buying Bud Lite? Dumbass." See? I didn't say that to the 21-year-olds at the liquor store last night, as they got into their Land Rover. The ridiculous thing is that people can't keep it to themselves, and will say shit to women they don't know, in public places, about how they are raising their children. In the case of outright abuse, certainly it's appropriate to say something if the situation demands it, but telling random strangers, apropos of nothing, that they have to massage their babies, shouldn't allow pacifiers, have to let their babies cry, etc. is right out. Most people don't want unsolicited advice from anyone, on anything, at all, ever. Especially about their kids.

Kids' shopping carts. There are plenty of things that kids can do to help you or that will make them feel like grown ups. Banging a metal object on wheels into people's shins is not one of them. (I know, I wrote about this before, but I really think they are stupid.)

Advocating against allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Seriously? You don't have anything better to do than try to keep someone down and assure that they are unhappy for all their days? Really? I know studies and evidence don't matter to people like this, but here you go, anyway.

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